Friday, November 27, 2009

Week 3

Hello everyone!

I wonder where the past week went. I was all set to stop being the beach bunny under her canvas tent and try to stick to home and get some work done. Managed on most fronts there, except on the work done part. In the blink of an eye, the days were gone and I hardly accomplished anything. Okay, you don't count edits as nothing - the galley for Storms in a Shot Glass came back and I also hit the first general issues edits on Walking on the Edge. Left to my previous work, I had to dredge up the mud of these stories' that had already settled into quietness. But the writer's mind is a remarkable thing - one or two prompts and you're right back to that world that you'd created a while ago, breathing in the scents, sights, and sounds of that universe, reuniting with those characters you thought you'd left to rest. And yeah too, getting back into the drama of it all! I don't think I've written a story with more drama than Storms in a Shot Glass! To think that there's just a little more than a month to go before these wacky characters are unleashed onto the world... Promo's slowly starting for this - catch the links in the Promo Maven section.

- Kid on the Block
...was left to his own devices this week. Found his creative spark - drew some really good stuff and even crafted a backstory to each drawing! Yeah, that's Mommy's boy all right! We may have hit on something there - I'll have more for you soon.

- Weepy Willow Woes
In the words of Willow:
Nolwynn took my memory out for a spin this week. Talk of nostalgia hitting hard - I was made to revisit haunts I had come up with seems like ages ago... Met people I became acquainted with so long ago and with whom I had virtually lost touch. What can you say - there is no Facebook for characters, is there?
Memories, memories... Now if only that girl would agree to look forward instead of back!

- WIPed out
If you count a contracted but as yet unreleased work still a WIP, then I'm totally wiped out! Worked on two sets of edits, and galley proofs have got to be the hardest thing ever! Talk of going over something for the hundredth time with a really fine-toothed comb, as it's the last chance for you to catch any issue before the copy goes to 'print'!
Add to it that you get first notes on another story - you haven't exactly gone wrong but there are avenues to make the ms better - sheer brain scramble. Still, I'm complaining but I'm glad I have it all (it was after all, Thanksgiving this week!). It means I've got work coming out and tell me if there is anything to beat that feeling!

- Back to the domestic goddess
The domestic non-goddess is making burgers tonight. That's one thing I never make wrong, and after the kids' being left to their own devices pretty much all week, can you say major Mommy guilt trip in under 2 seconds? I can, and trying to rectify it by getting to the blokes through the easiest route - that of their stomach!

- Hottie Alert
I may have been WIPed out this week, butt hat doesn't mean Willow isn't getting her case in and trying to make that chauvinist hero less of a chauvinist hero. I have a feeling she has a major crush on said hero, and when you know that he is supposed to look like the hottie featured down here, hmm, maybe you can understand where she's coming from!

Sam Worthington - latest Aussie hottie to hit the hottie radar! What is it with Australia? is it something in the water? Some magnetic field down under that gives totally gorgeous, yummy blokes on a regular basis? I first saw this guy on the Terminator Salvation poster. Who was he? Caught the movie, and as a recently-converted Terminator junkie, I was like, John Connor who? That's the impact of this guy, and now I'm really looking forward to Avatar. Yeah, he's young, in his early thirties, but man, do I (and many women too, lol) see the potential in that man! Already a great looking parcel, you can imagine him adding on a few years and some more experience on that face. And then, boom! Watch out!
Sam Worthington is the physical template of the hero of my current WIP - a hardened, street-savvy former boxing champion who's 'reformed' into a media station boss. And lol, I am definitely looking forward to writing that one!

- Promo Maven
Nolwynn Ardennes first interview as up this week at Love Romances and More blog. Check it out and read the very first excerpt of Storms in a Shot Glass!
Yesterday, I penned my monthly post at the Pop Culture Divas - Cop shows of old. Drop by and see which ones I watched when growing up.

That's it for me this week, folk!

Don't forget:

Live. Laugh. Love. XOXO


Anonymous said...

Wow another manic week!
Do you actually get to sleep at all?
Edits, galley proofs! oh boy!
but you get it all done somehow!
Love this blog, girl!

Z(Aasiyah/Nolwynn) said...

Lol, thanks girl! Yup, do get to clock in 'some' sleep hours, though I bet my mind is still in overdrive even when asleep.

Thanks for dropping by, love your comments!


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