Friday, November 13, 2009

Week 1

Hey guys!

Today is Friday the 13th! And would you believe it? In the thick of summer, when we've been blazing like dry desert lizards in the scorching sun for the past week, today is rainy, windy, and cold. If I'm not mistaken, there's also some fog on the foresty, Forks town-like motorway that branches off our town. Talk of Nature getting in the element...

But for me, this week I'm facing another kind of gloom - revisions. And no, that's not book revisions (I wish... See how low I am?) but study revision. Have an exam on Monday (the last of the semester, thank goodness!) and it's driving me nuts. My hubby would say, when are you not nuts anyway, but he's not here and I am not gonna think of him impingin upon my groove!

So what else other madness is galore this week of Friday the thirteenth? Read on and you'll find out!

- Kid on the Block
Guys like to build. Ever wondered why on construction sites you find mostly men? I think it's got something to do with their need to be occupied, and also to show how good they are with their hands.
Kiddo is on summer break here, and in typical family tradition, we passed on a heirloom on this week. There's the great big Lego box that belonged to my brother and that was passed on to me when I was eight (read by that I wouldn't be tempted to just dump the tiny Lego parts into my toy cookery set. Sigh, I didn't burn stuff back then). So this Lego box gets passed on to my son now. Left him at my mom's on Tuesday, where the Lego treasure was unveiled, and three hours later, kiddo calls and goes, Mommy I made a monster truck with Lego and you gotta see it.
First of all, I have no idea how to make a monster truck. Second, I had no idea you could make monster trucks using said Lego pieces (all I made were tame little houses with the picket fence and big plastic tree in the yard). Third, there were wheels in that Lego set? My reply - cool, baby, all while I'm thinking, did my brain slow down somewhere in the past 2 decades or was it already slow in the first place...?
Men will be men - and that applies to six-year-old men-in-progress too. How on earth did he know he could make a monster truck with those pieces and how on earth did he even know how to build it? *shakes head* Uh, did someone say generation gap out there???

- Weepy Willow Woes
In the words of Willow:

What is it with that silly goose they've paired me with? I swear, that woman has no idea what time management means! Come on, I'm only asking for 2 or 3 uninterrupted hours of her time to put the story down. That ain't so hard to come by, innit? But no, she just keeps running all over the place, goin, yes Willow, soon. Well, how soon? I'm going nuts here trying to keep all the ideas in! And she's not even giving any chocolate around, going on her healthy summer living spree! Geez! What more do I need to yell in her crazy mind? Come on woman - I've got great ideas to help you make your male chauvinist hero into a... well, let's say less of a male chauvinist pig.
But does she listen? Noooooo!!!!

- Back to the domestic goddess
Burnt my finger when I was releasing the valve on my pressure cooker yesterday. So not gonna go into the recipe of the Beef Stroganov (that tasted good and didn't get burnt, thank God) because I absolutely abhorre the darn pressure cooker at the moment! Stupid contraption...
But next time I make it, you're on! It's becoming a staple around here, read that as - something she makes that doesn't either get burnt or turn out half-cooked that we can actually eat.

- Reading Log
For the first time ever in my life, I stopped reading a book mid-way because it was getting way too much for my nerves. Get this - Superromance; misfit couple; small town; lots of animals; single father with kids. Sounds like a pretty good deal, right? It was, for the first half. I literally drank the words in. But then the author hits the sagging middle, and you know she has to make her required Superromance word count. So there we go - a villain plops in from nowhere! And his motivation? Nada! He just wants to control because he can! I'm like, gimme a break! That sort of megalomaniac power-hungry overlord exists in sci-fi, paranormal, fantasy. Not in a a Superromance that takes place in a town of 123 people that no one has ever heard of! Totally threw me off, but still I read on, thinking maybe this is just a skid along the road. Two-thirds of the way in, the heroine's backstory conflict just pops out of the blue too, and there she goes - I love you but I cannot love you. Period. Nothing else, end of the discussion on her side. Hero goes - you'll be mine soon. And all I can think of is, why on earth does a guy like you want a woman who just had great sex with you but wants nothing more? She just told you your kids are good-for-nothings! That's supposed to be a hero??? Talk of awry GMC here! It all seemed to have been added in as an afterthought.

Picked up another from my TBR pile - a YA by Paullina Simons, Road to Paradise. Captivating and really flowing 1st person voice. Good plot too, about two girls going across the United States in their car. They pick up a hitchhiker along the way, despite their no hitchhiker rule, and there starts their trouble. Really intriguing story. The main character, Shelby, who's head we're in, is really well sketched and the author's voice flows really smoothly. I picked that one just to complete my pile last time I was at the library, didn't think I'd like it so much I'd get hooked on it. I mean come on - it may be YA, but it takes place in 1981. I wasn't even born then and 99 percent of the pop culture references in there was like, huh? I only knew the Bee Gees and Prince and Dynasty in that! Still, very good book - makes me eager to find more by the author.

- Style Dilemma
This one should be fun! You know how it's summer here? So that's the time of sandals and flip flops and yes, shoe shopping!! But, big dilemma. Just came across this totally gorgeous line and have no idea what to choose!

Ipanema Summer 2010 Collection, with some pieces designed by Gisele Bundchen in the GB Seeds collection. Had heard mostly of Ipanema's infamous bikinis before, didn't know they did such gorgeous sandals too. And to make matters even worse (or better, depends how you view it), they're an eco-friendly brand that use recycled material for their footwear and donate part of their sales proceeds on every pair of sandals to sustainable-environment organisations! I'm like, what's not to like here, eh? Now I'm spoilt for choice and can get only one pair (two if I sneak behind the hubby's back), but they're all gorgeous... How do I do this??? And what you see here is just liekthetip of the iceberg of that collection! Never saw such gorgeous colors on sandals!

- Hottie Alert
Just saw Star Trek over the past weekend, mostly as a prod from the hubby because I have never watched TV's Star Trek (not the original anyway. I did catch some of The New Generation with Patrick Stewart but that wasn't the 'real' Star Trek apparently!) So yes, I knew who Spock was, always thought he looked kinda weird, but Holy Cow - that was Zachary Quinto there! The world's sexiest psychopathic serial killer (I always thought Sylar was the best-looking on Heroes, and frankly, take him out and you get what? Boyish-faced Peter replicating everyone's power?)
So the hottie of the week is Zachary Quinto! Love those eyes, and that intensity... *puddle of goo*

- Promo Maven
No promo opp slotted this week because of the darn exams, but I should be back in the whilrwind next week.

Don't forget:

Live. Laugh. Love. XOXO


Anonymous said...

I'm dizzy! How could you write all of these thoroughly interesting articles for today's blog:?! Holy chili peppers and hot tamales!
Can I have some of your energy? Email it to me, PLEASE!
LOVED what you said about the super romance with the sagging, don't you wonder how it got beyond the editors?
Great blog! So many nuggets, I feel like I gained ten pounds!

Sandra Sookoo said...

LOL Lots to take in :-)

All I can say is, have a great weekend! LOL

Liena Ferror said...

Wow. You packed a lot in there and all of it was great!

Those sandals looked awesome. If I could wear them year round, I would.

Have a great weekend!


J Hali said...

The purple ones, the purple ones!

Chicki said...

Wow! you did cover a lot here.

I hate pressure cookers. They are dangerous contraptions, in my opinion.

Hope you do well on your exam. E-mailing you a pic of my favorite Lego creation.

Sandy said...

Z, what a great job you did. Every time, I see Zachary in that suit, I have to take a double look because at a glance he reminds me of a young George Clooney.

I hate pressure cookers, but my mom used one all the time, and His Ronness threatens to get me one. lol

Next time, I want to see a picture of Adam's monster truck. lol Sorry, you mentioned it now? Grin.


Bella said...

LOL, I need to steal your style of blogging, you marketing-guru you. I love Sylar. He's my fav villain and he did a bang up job in Star Trek. I'm a bonefied Trekkie, watched the originals, the Next Generation...loved the new one. I'll probably buy it when it comes out next week. They did an amazing job of getting the perfect people to play the original cast.

Enough response.

Z(Aasiyah/Nolwynn) said...

Lol ladies! Never thought I'd say this but blogging is therapeutic it seems. Covered a lot, but got it off my chest in a way.

Carole - Lol, energy comes from desperation I guess. There's just so much to do that I simply cannot afford to even entertain the idea of dropping down.
Agree about the sagging middle. What was the editor thinking, and worst, how could the writer herself have put out such sloppy work? I'm a firm believer in the fact that your work shows what consideration you have for your readers. I'd rather stop writing than let my readers down with such a sloppy story.

Sandi - thanks girl. No respite for the study damned - weekend will be spent with nose in marketing textbooks and study guide. Sigh...

Liena - I love the many headings, allows me to cover a lot. I've always got a few things running in my head - to stick to just one for blogging would make me nuts. The sandals are gorgeous, innit? I wish I could wear them too all year round too. No can do in winter though, unless socks with sandals becomes the new trend!

J - Could you be saying Purple because of Purple...? Lol, agree, the purple looks great. I actually saw this one in the store and it's got a light silvery sheen to it, absolutely gorgeous!

Chicki - I grew up with pressure cookers, they're a staple of every kitchen here, especially the Indian ones. I like how it cooks really fast, and the toughest meat gets a run for its money in there. But it's true that it can be dangerous if you dunno how to handle it. I want one that clips and closes automatically, I got the old ones that with covers you need to twist and twist until your wrist feels like it's string cheese!

Sandy - Zachary is a babe, innit? I love him in the suit, but he's also got that casual guy look about him. A man who seems comfortable in all situations.
Lol about the pressure cooker. I'd be stuck all day in the kitchen if I didn't have one. Saves me a lot of time. I swap slow cooker recipes for the pressure cooker.

Bella - Lol, marketing-guru, I wish, especially since I have a marketing exam on Monday!
Yup, I think Sylar has got to be one of the best villains in history. That man really gives you the creeps when he smiles and you just see his mind working overtime. Totally draws you into his world.
Haven't seen the original Star Trek though from the new one it's obvious there is such a resemblance between Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy, really looks like Spock was younger and grew older as Nimoy in that one.

Thanks for stopping by, ladies! I hope you enjoyed it.