Monday, November 9, 2009

A word of intro...

Welcome everyone to my blog! I've dallied and twiddled with a lot of setups and formats to finally come to this one here and now. As a published author, I know I should blog, but how, where and what about? Questions that have plagued me throughout the past 4 years since I started writing.

So since everything's started to look like lists in my life, there came the brainwave - the blog too should be in list form. Came the next big question - what about? If you have a list, logically you have headings and subheadings in there to delineate your space. There came the answer I was looking for too - have a sort of headings setup that would provide the direction as to what I'd be blogging about (people who know me know I can shoot off tangents in the blink of an eye, so hopefully the setup will allow me to talk of relevant stuff and not bore everyone to death and back again!)

You may now be wondering - what on earth will she be talking about? I'll give you a roundup of the headings that form the highlights of my mad-to-the-point-of-Bedlam life and each week, I'll pick and choose the most relevant headings and elaborate upon them.

Here are the heading:

- Kid on the Block
I have a six-year-old son, and those of you with little kids know how much a kid on the block can create chaos and mayhem. When they've got an inquisitive mind like my son and their mouth spews nineteen to every dozen, believe me, that makes for quite some stories to tell! I'll have those here.
Now, ever wonder about the saying 'you cannot change a man'? I say we can, if we intervene when we're shaping him up. What better than a growing six-year-old then to gather and grasp how that complicated and twisted thing called the man's mind works? That too, I'll try to figure out here.

- Weepy Willow Woes
My muse, I swear, should be named Willow. She powers on all the time, depleting her reserves and thus looks like an anorexic waif (not to mention that she also doesn't eat when in the zone, where she is, uhm, three-quarters of the time...). But she is strong too, like the willow, she bends but she doesn't break. The woes however happen because while dear little Willow is powering on all the time, little ol' me has just about no time to indulge her and get down to write. Boy, this one should make for some terrific rants!

- WIPed out
The ever-present WIP. Who doesn't have one? I certainly do, and I manage to touch it so sporadically the poor thing gets literally wiped out in between rounds.
Catch my progress here (when I even manage some progress that isn't confined to my brain alone!) and uh, come hear me rant...?

- Perception Tunnel
Ever heard of tunnel vision? Well, that's not what I'll be touching upon here! This section is a more personal slant, one where some things I may have thought previously got challenged or how things change around us. Can get heavy, which I'll try to prevent, promise!

- Back to the domestic goddess
I debated whether to write Kitchen Nightmares here (complete with Gordon Ramsay rants and curses). I am what is generally termed a kitchen nightmare, as far away from domestic goddess as you can get.
However, I am trying to change that. Call it a resolution before the New Year or something, but recently scoring a new oven has made me want to whip out goody stuff from my kitchen. I'll keep you updated on the nightmare-to-goddess journey here, and will even post recipes of stuff I manage to make (uh, yes, that's edible stuff I'm talking about!)

- Reading Log
Every writer I know seems to also be a compulsive addicted reader. No different with me either. I'll try here to tell you what I'm reading and how it's striking me. If I find something great, I'll rave and scream it on all rooftops. But if it's not so great (read that as in it loses my interest completely, unfortunately happening very often lately), I'll rant and maybe even b*tch a little. But rest assured I won't rip or get real biatchy. That's not really me...

- Style Dilemma
And then too, on top of being wife, mom, author and all that lovely hoopla, I'm a woman too. As such, shopping (especially shoes and handbags) holds a very big part in helping me retain my sanity (for the sake of my husband, I had to develop the satisfaction of shopping from window shopping alone two-thirds of the time. We really cannot afford my inner shopaholic!). here you'll catch my latest style/shopping dilemma or anything that's stuck me in this area recently (come on, I gotta indulge myself too, innit?)

- Hottie Alert
Which leads us to this one - the current hottie I'm sighing after. Come on ladies, we need a break too, right? I'll even have pics here!

- Promo Maven
Oops, I forgot - a blog is also there to help an author promote her work! Here will be the up and coming spots where I'll be promoting my books.

So there you are! I hope this will be a fun and lively venture. My first elaborate rant--oops, post should be coming in a couple days!

Cheers n hugs

XOXO (I know, that's the Gossip Girl final line!)


Angela Guillaume said...

Oh my, sweetie! I can't wait to see what you come up with next :)
Love ya always,

J Hali said...

Got all excited when I read Gordon Ramsey's name! Sure you can't get him to stop by - maybe on the promise he'll have a tiny scene in your next story? Okay...

I'll settle for the Hottie!

((( ))) Z, the blog looks great.

Z(Aasiyah/Nolwynn) said...

Lol, thanks gals! I'm really excited about this!

J - Gordon Ramsay, hmm, would love to have him around, as long as his mouth's taped shut! I couldn't stand the curses and I'd probably end up throwing a cast-iron pan at him! The hottie - will I make him Beckham or Ginola? Just stumbled upon Beckham's underwear ads for Emporio Armani. Just sinful!


Sandra Sookoo said...

Nice blog, Z. :-) Can't wait to follow along :-)

Cait said...

Brava! Nice blog, dahlink. I'm currently getting WIPed out myself. Chugging towards the finish line. I'm so glad you finally have concentrated in one place. Love it.

Chicki said...

I finally made it here. Sounds as if you plan to cover a lot of good stuff. Already added you to my Favorites!

Sandy said...

I can't wait to read more, Z. You're always fun and lively. Smile.

Huge hugs, sweetie.

Liena Ferror said...

Sounds like your blog is going to be awesome! Can't wait to read more.

Hugs to you!


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a blog!
It rocks and rolls and sings!
It's interesting and fun, love it!

Bella said...

Nice blog, Z. Will add you to my blog roll. I think I have the old one.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Welcome to Blogger land!!

Z(Aasiyah/Nolwynn) said...

Hey ladies!!

Thanks so much for dropping by!

Sandra - Yup, I promise it'll be a wild, eventful ride. Kid on the Block, in the past 3 days alone, has given me 3 different topics I can tackle. Talk of having a mischievous kid as a blessing in disguise!

Cait - Poor dahling, getting WIPed out too. I'm glad to have it all under one spot too. I think it'll give me room to be the silly me you gals know!

Chicki - lol, yup, plan to cover a lot of good ground. Thanks for adding me, I'm swinging by yours to get the URL and adding you to the roll here.

Sandy - yes, finally get to just be me on a blog! I think the problem why it didn't flow in my previous attempts was because I tried to confine my inner streak too much and just be a writer, when I'm this and everything else too. Ok, that sounds mad enough, will stop here!

Liena - hey girl, thanks for the lovely words. I plan to make this a great venue, and hope I'll manage it.

Carole - Darling!! So glad you like it. You were the catalyst behind all of this - Kid on the Block came about from that email we once exchanged where you laughed your head off over what my kiddo had done!

Bella - You're already on my roll, thanks for adding me to yours. Yup, the old, dry one has to go!

Jennifer - Thanks hon! I'm finally finding my footing in blog land it seems!

Huge hugs all!!